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Please note the floor, especially the tile under the cabinets. It was not changed.

Old counter top was removed. Blind corner on the right side of the cooktop was replaced with a Super Susan corner cabinet with two large rotary trays.
The second Super Susan corner cabinet replaced the blind corner at the peninsula.

We do not use the term Lazy Susan. The way we build them, these cabinets are the hardest working in the kitchen.

The sink cabinet and the dishwasher were moved further to the right, to make space for the Susan cabinet.
All lower cabinets were reconfigured. Center planks and shelves were removed. Instead, new full width deep drawers were installed on full extension
New paneling matching new doors (both material and finish) was applied to all cabinets.
New crown molding and trim were installed first, then all new doors on concealed hinges and new drawer fronts completed the refacing effort.
New counter top and a new back splash were installed as well. Old ceiling lamp was removed and the ceiling cavity was remodeled.
Installation of new handles completed the project.
Reface Plus is an ultimate green project aimed to reuse existing cabinets, make changes to them - and add some new ones. This approach changes
an old uncomfortable kitchen or bath into a marvel of efficiency and convenience.  Plus, it delivers complete styling makeover as well. Naturally, the old
counter top is to be replaced.

Typical improvements that can be accomplished with Reface Plus option:

Home work and projects area for children added to the kitchen
Microwave removed from the counter top and placed in dedicated upper cabinet - or built into remodeled pantry
The island you always wanted
The barely usable corners replaced with Susan cabinets with rotary trays
Large pantry replaced with base and wall cabinets to get more counter space
New cabinets added to fit new appliances
Overall style changed from old and tired to new and fresh - painted, light or dark stained wood, clean, streamlined, elegant style - just about anything is

We order new cabinets and additional doors, drawer fronts, moldings and paneling from the same vendor in the same style, wood and finish. After
making modifications, old cabinets are refaced to match the new ones. Our suppliers offer tremendous variety of styles and finishes in many wood
species. We can help you restyle your  kitchen exactly as you wish. Here is an example:
Old cabinets changed to improve storage then refaced to restyle the kitchen.

Reface Plus