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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business? Since 2004

Is your company licensed and insured? Yes, we are a licensed contractor CA Lic. 855602. All required insurance
policies are current. They are listed on CA State Licensing Board website.

What about your customer service record? We have been screened and certified by HomeAdvisor every year
since 2005. Our current rating is 5 star - the highest.

We have a small kitchen and want to improve storage, to make it more convenient. How can you help?
The key is using corners well - and less doors, more drawers - below the counter . We keep learning about new
storage improvement solutions, and install them all the time. Let's arrange a meeting in your kitchen and review
what can be done. We helped many clients with small kitchens. We'll be happy to help you as well.

We already have an interior designer and architect, will you work with them? Yes, we will

We have very well built cabinets, but they are old fashioned. Can they be updated? Yes, use our Reface Plus
method. Many changes can be done to make your kitchen a lot more to your liking - while keeping existing cabinet

We already found the door style we like, and the finish. Can you match it?
Yes, our vendors offer stain or paint color matching, and door style matching as well

How long will it take to reface my kitchen? About one week

How long will it take to complete my Design + Build kitchen? Four to five weeks

We signed a fixed price contract with you. Can you promise that the price will not change?
Yes, if you do not request changes that require additional work.

Where can we see examples of your work? At our showroom in Fremont (by appointment)

Will your sales person continue to be involved after we sign the contract?
We do not employ commissioned sales people. Your first meeting is always with the owner, Isaac Oak. He
manages every project.